Sagisu specializes in intracity movements and cater to enterprise customers in their logistics needs. Contractual, non-contractual/AdHoc, trip based and volume based etc are some of our operational modes. With the introduction of Sagisu’s Smart Hub we take care of our customers logistics, while they focus on their core business.

What is a Smart Hub?

A Smart Hub is Sagisu’s physical disruption ecosystem. This brings in all our partners and associates on to the same platform to deliver
state-of-the-art intracity transportation experience to our customers. Sagisu’s Smart Hub comprises of:

  • Office space and control center to run smooth operations
  • Numbered truck docking bays with no conflict of movement
  • Vehicle maintenance hanger, service and in-house fuel stations
  • Restaurants with open spaces for driver interaction
  • Admin and Driver training facility for technology adoption
  • Restrooms, accommodation, lockers and changeover facilities for drivers
  • Motor bikes / cycles parking bay for on-field drivers and other facility personnel
  • Separate entry and exits with security booths
  • Maximum vehicle security with 24/7 surveillance

With such a model, Sagisu drives

  • Dedicated and standardized supply without ownership
  • Driver to owner model delivers unmatched driver loyalty and commitment
  • First in class all-inclusive driver habitat complete with world class amenities, welfare programs etc.
  • No unions and robust against market fluctuation
  • Guaranteed on time vehicle replacement
  • Seamless automation and visibility


At Sagisu, we challenge the transportation fundamentals. While the aggregation in transport business has become the norms, Sagisu connects the supply and the demand in a more seamless manner than ever. Following are our line of services that brings in this seamless connection and also caters to the challenges of supply reliability, vehicle utilization and delivery reliability.


Sagisu is an expert in catering to the convenience market – bringing the products closer to the consumption point. Our products and services are industry agnostic. However, we specialize heavily in the following industry segments.


Disruption cannot be induced by a single entity. True disruption requires players from complementing industries to join hands. Sagisu’s quest in becoming a true transport manager needs strategic alliance with several entities, that can bring about the expected dynamics into the intracity logistics space.

Why sagisu?

One of a kind Intracity Solution

Tailor made solutions for different types of clients | 100% on time & dedicated fleet, high vehicle utilization | Guaranteed replacement in case of break down or absence

Global Safety Standards

Complete Track and Trace with hard-coded standalone GPS | Marine grade container vehicles for enhanced cargo safety | No Unions

Uniform experience

Professionally Trained Drivers | High level of driver commitment | Enormous ability to scale

Long Term Partnership

Implement and Upheld partner core values | Long term alliance through strategic investments | Unmatched commitment

Transparent Billing

Transparent and clear billing | Complete audit trail with DC level detailing | Paper less Ecosystem

Customer Delight

A core value that we stand for | Impregnable focus on customer satisfaction | Loyal and committed drivers