Collaborate with your supply chain partners

We have combined fleet management software with new age mobile age application to run your business at your finger tips.

Blueprint for gaining visibility of working remote

3 Ways to manage remotely supply chain.

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Dispatch at your fingertips

Dispatch a truck at the blink of an eye using your fleet application. Bring all your assets online
Enable driver, tractors & trailers interoperability

Partner Collaboration

Collaborate on orders & trips instantly.
Geo code all location & enable global visibility into the movement of goods in real-time.
One-click check-in check-out process.
Chat with your partner at any time on your applications.

Financial Reconciliation & Digital Payments

All mileage to driver engagement and automation of trip sheets. Record every pickup & drop with merchandise information using a seamless driver mobile application.
Tie mileage data from all the assets by a digital book keeping process using mileage ledger. Enable centralized financial control connecting the finance & supply chain department instantly. Multiple levels of user controls.

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Blueprint for gaining visibility of working remote

3 Ways to manage remotely supply chain.