The trucking industry is booming. In the United States, trucking generated more than $700 billion of business in 2017. Total truck tonnage, including for-hire and private carrier operations, hit 10.8 billion tons in 2017

As the industry grows, something interesting has happened: digital trucking brokers are beginning to take business from load boards and load brokers. But why are these new trucking softwares taking off so quickly? 

Read on to learn more about today’s new trucking software—and how it can empower truckers to drive on their own terms.  

Waiting On Loads Has A Cost 

Of all the problems truckers face, waiting for loads might be the worst because it can be quite costly. 

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, across the U.S., detention time at loading docks consumes an estimated $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion in trucker income each year. Each truck driver loses an estimated $1,281 to $1,534 a year just because they have to wait over two hours for a new load to come in. 

Throughout the industry, driver detention time reduces for-hire motor carriers’ total yearly income by $250.6 million to $302.9 million

In other words, by sitting around and waiting for your next load, you’re losing the money that could pay for medical costs, home payments, or other important personal needs. 

Put The Power Of Negotiation In Your Hands 

So how can you avoid losing pay or even your life? Simply put, you have to take the power of negotiation into your own hands. 

Currently, truckers face low pay, health-related complications, and extended time away from their families. These challenges make truck driver turnover extremely high. In fact, at large truckload fleets, 98% of truck drivers leave their jobs each year. At smaller trucking companies, yearly truck driver turnover is 72%

But at the same time, truckers should feel like they have plenty of power. After all, the trucking industry has been experiencing an extreme shortage of drivers for the past couple of years. As National Public Radio noted, trucking companies are even being forced to “push some retailers to delay nonessential shipments or pay high prices to get their goods delivered on time.”

In other words, truck drivers should feel comfortable pushing for better work conditions. And if truck drivers could work on their own terms, it seems like the job would become even more appealing. With the help of some recent innovations, this kind of freedom is a distinct possibility. 

Today’s advanced trucking software can empower truckers to put the power of negotiation in their own hands with critical aspects of the job, like front load pricing. Sleek, user-friendly apps like Sagisu empower you to view available loads, negotiate prices, and determine whether you’d like to make an agreement with a customer—all from the comfort of your phone.

With this power in your hands, you can stop waiting on loads, avoiding crashes, and, in the end, making the income you deserve. Ready to take control of your job? Download the Sagisu app today on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for next-generation trucking software.