Even though new technologies offer businesses the opportunity to streamline their operations, many shippers are tied to outdated practices. For example, many shippers still pay hefty sums for third-party services, complicating their business operations and raising overall shipping costs. 

Third-party freight industry services, which manage tasks like facilitating payments and connecting shippers with carriers, cost shippers far more than they’re worth in terms of both time and money. From charging unnecessary fees to slowing down the shipment process, middlemen are hindering businesses far more than they know. By implementing cutting-edge tools like freight negotiator apps into their strategies, shippers can eliminate these additional—and expensive—third-party services. 

But before you ditch your third-party service providers and take matters into your own hands, you’ll want to know more about why cutting out the middlemen is worth it. Read on to learn how bypassing middlemen will help your business boost its bottom line. 

Drop Unnecessary Fees

In the past, third-party businesses in the freight industry offered helpful services for fees that, while expensive, made sense for the value they were providing. 

For example, freight brokers used to provide the best option for securing carriers or individual drivers; although their fees were high, shippers needed them to identify reliable carriers to move their loads. More modern freight boards also used to be a good option for finding drivers; though these boards often charge for shippers to advertise, they offered one of the few options for securing drivers. Now, with logistics software, shippers can easily connect directly with carriers and drivers through web apps, bypassing the extensive costs of both freight brokers and freight boards.  

Third-party payments services offered a similar solution. These businesses empowered shippers to provide trackable, secure payments to their carriers. With this service, shippers could trust that their payments would arrive on time and that a record of these payments would always be available. Now, modern logistics software enables carriers to make these payments directly through sleek apps. This software facilitates the detailed payments tracking and management that shippers need—without the high costs. 

Speed Up Transport

Even shippers that don’t use freight brokers will often connect with drivers through load boards. However, these load boards are expensive and slow to update, which has caused drivers to stop using them and look for more efficient ways to find loads. 

Third-party logistics software empowers truckers to find loads through an inexpensive, intuitive app. These apps often offer transparent views into payment and update available loads in real-time, ensuring that truckers can get new loads more quickly and at a fair price. Offering reduced detention times as well as quick and transparent payments, these apps are becoming more and more appealing to drivers.

For shippers that want to transport their products as quickly as possible, it is critical to connecting directly with carriers and drivers. Ditching the middlemen and using a transparent app is the fastest way to do so. 

Improve Your Shipment Tracking 

While some freight brokers provide shipment tracking, advanced logistics software does so at a far lower cost—and with much more advanced technology. 

By using a logistics app, not only do shippers reduce costs and get their shipments on the road faster; they also have access to advanced, detailed, and real-time tracking of each and every one of their shipments.

This kind of in-depth tracking empowers shippers to streamline inventory movement, put more filled-to-capacity trucks on the road, and, ultimately, boost their bottom lines. 

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