Increase visibility into your fleet operations

Our suite of applications allow you to have a clear visibility into your operations. Maintain all your assets in one platform

Secure transactions and Secure online payments

All mileage is captured through GPS and geo coding. Multi-level mileage verification by internal team members. Multi-level role based permissions and approval setup. Configurable.


Reporting and Analytics

All driver/fleet mileage can be brought to one single place with an ability to manage tolls and other additions/deductions. Reporting through configurable reporting of necessary KPI and Metrics.

Supply Chain Partner Collaboration

Message between your partners through one of the apps or web applications. Allows seamless messaging and remote collaboration between supply chains.

Centralized User Control and Profile Management

Manage all trading partners and access control on the centralized profile management system. Manage all fleet companies, drivers and customers in one central platform.

Fleet Management

The fleet application is a front-line application for your operations on the move to manage carriers, equipment and drivers.

  • Multiple Fleets can be setup including independent contractors
  • Driver Setup and onboarding
  • Digital documentation

Driver Management

The Driver mobile platform allows drivers to accept and decline trips. The drivers can manage their day to day operations.

  • Central check-in/check-out

  • Maintain driving and mileage
  • Manage banking and payments

Supply Chain Control Tower

Centralized application for control towers and management of all facilities, drivers and fleet.

  • Dispatch Management
  • User Control Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

“This platform fits in very well with our vision to manage all fleet operations across 10000+ trucks. It allows us to enforce all carriers to use one single platform and centralize transportation and warehousing functions. The beauty here is the way it reconciles with finance departments, all manual processing is thrown out of the window”

Logistics & Finance Team (Unicorn Startup)

Sagisu Integrations

200+ APIs Extendable .

  • Shipment Transactions
  • Trip Transactions
  • Marketplace Integration

Exchange Network

Transportation & Warehousing Listing Services.

  • Lead Generation Services
  • Booking Services
  • Account Management

“Supply chain collaboration and geo-coding all locations gives us complete control over warehouses, people, assets without having to worry about coordinating manually”

Logistics Teams

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