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What We Solve

As a shipper, moving product from point A to point B is logistically complicated. Our platform cuts out the middle man which puts the power of negotiation is in your hands. See the cost to ship up front, find out where your carrier is at all times, and pay them with a few clicks. 

Low Efficiency In Brokerages

Delayed Payment

Lack Of Modern Technology

Empty Miles

Regulations & Safety

Lack Of Visibility

How We Solve

Our platform allows for a wide range of shipping solutions

Route Optimization

Find the routes that align with your location restrictions and schedule.

Proven & Trusted

After proof of concept in India, we’ve expanded our platform to the United States.

Lower Costs

See the total cost up front so you’re not hit with hidden fees later.

Faster Booking & Moving

Receive real-time updates on which loads and carriers are available.

Driver Communication

See where your carriers are at any time so you can prepare for delayed or early shipments.

Data Analytics & Insights

Have the ability to know you’re making the best decisions for yourself, and your organization.

What is Sagisu?

Since the company’s 2016 launch in India, Sagisu has remained a high growth company. Now, the company has expanded to the United States and is ready to challenge the status quo of freight transport.

Sagisu will begin providing reliable real-time freight data and coordination for U.S. enterprises and truckers in June 2019.

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